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Youtube Red With Google Play Music Combined

Lyor Cohen, Head of music for YouTube, has verified that the firm is aiming to combine its service of YouTube Red with Google Play Music to make a sole streaming offer.

It has been stated that Lyor Cohen claimed in New York at the New Music Seminar conference that the 2 services are being combined to educate current users and bring in new users. On the other hand, he did not say anything about the 2 apps getting amalgamated with each other. For time being, YouTube has 3 main services dubbed as YouTube Music, YouTube Red, and YouTube TV. People have apparently complained about bionetwork of YouTube being too complex.

Youtube Red With Google Play Music Combined

YouTube Music is available to everyone in the world. YouTube Red, on the other hand, offers users ad-free videos, which can also be downloaded and watched offline. YouTube Red is presently accessible only in 5 nations and India is not one of them. Last, but not least, YouTube TV is a service that was rolled out in March 2017, which is a live TV service as the name suggests.

Meanwhile, Google Play Music fits more into the thought of an app for traditional music that can play music files in your smartphones. In addition to this, the app can also play playlists created by smart AI that recommend songs based on different factors such as listening habits of users and even the current time of the day.

Lately the Government of India requested YouTube to get rid of all videos linked to a confined tribal group in the Andamans, Jarawas. The instruction came straight from a constitutional body named as the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST).

NCST’s concern was that videos on YouTube based on the tribal group outrages the reticence of Jarawas without their consent and knowledge. The commission also needed that no audio or visual content on the tribal cluster was published on any social media platform in the upcoming time. NCST had spoke to the Ministries of home affairs and broadcasting & information, requesting them to make sure that the order is followed in accordance with.

Let’s see if the new combination works or not.

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