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YouTube Go Available On In A Stable Form On Google Play Store

Superlight-version of Google-controlled video sharing website YouTube dubbed as the YouTube Go is lastly out of beta. The app of YouTube Go is now obtainable in a stable form on Google Play Store.

The app was rolled out in September 2016 in India during a “Made For India” occasion. It mainly permits consumers authorization to videos of YouTube even when they have no access to Internet or low speed of data.

The app allows consumers save videos in standard quality even in low connectivity and manage the quantity of data to be used while seeing clips. Consumers can also sample the clips prior to downloading them for offline use. The downloaded clips from the YouTube Go app are straightly saved in the microSD card or internal memory of user’s handset for offline use. Videos can be saved in 2 resolutions namely Basic (144p) and Standard (360p). These clips can also be shared through Bluetooth. As per the firm, the app utilizes the technology of Wi-Fi Direct while sharing clips.

One main feature of the app is that it displays trending clips in geographical area of the user on the home screen. Of course, a consumer is required to have her/his location services turned on for this purpose.

During the India launch of the app, Google had stated that the app of YouTube Go has been made after a wide research in 15 town all over India by a team of designers and engineers from Google. The app has been developed to be offline-first and can operate not just in areas with low connectivity, but even those where there is no connection of Internet.

YouTube Go is well-matched with OS versions of Android 4.1 KitKat and beyond and by now has 5 Million downloads. It is claimed to be particularly made keeping in mind the needs of consumers in India.

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