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WWDC 2017: Apple to Roll out Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV

After the report of last week that stated Amazon and Apple preparing to roll out an App of Prime Video by Recode on Apple TV, it has now been roughly established that the app will strike Apple TV. The information, as claimed by a source, will be declared at the time of the forthcoming Apple WWDC 2017 seminar at June 5, 2017.

WWDC 2017: Apple to Roll out Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV

It has been stated that even though the declaration will occur at WWDC, its authentic accomplishment could take place much later. The app can go commercial in ‘present summer’. There is no precise date of launch stated for the Amazon Prime App.

Amazon has allegedly discussed with Apple and is presently claimed to soon initiate trading Apple TV on its online site as well. The e-commerce major blocked trading the device a few years ago claiming that it created ‘mystification’ between customers.

By now, Apple has fired media invites for WWDC 2017 seminar. The invite authenticates preparation of the Cupertino-based major embracing significant notes on June 5, 2017 at 10 AM PT (10.30 PM).

Passes for the seminar, having a price tag of $1,599, were dispensed through a game of chance held late in March 2017. Each year, Apple holds a game of chance for developers who desire to be present at WWDC seminar as the amount of those desiring to be present goes beyond the capacity. Around 5,000 developers are estimated to be present at the WWDC 2017 seminar, along with almost 1,000 Apple executives and engineers.

Developers who are unable to get the passes of the seminar can watch the sessions and keynote live through WWDC app of the company, obtainable for iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. The event is broadcasted on the developer website of the company as well.

The company is estimated to display the most recent version of its iOS operating system, possible to be known as iOS 11, at the WWDC 2017 seminar. Rumors also propose that Apple may sample the latest OS versions of tvOS, macOS, and watchOS.

Speaking about the hardware, Apple is estimated to reveal a new Siri Speaker and iPad, named to be competitor of Apple to Google Home and home automation device of Amazon, the Amazon Echo.

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