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World Internet Conference In China

Two of the largest tech conglomerates made headlines with their presence at the World Internet Conference held in China. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, attended the conference along with several other business leaders, diplomats, experts and many more.

World Internet Conference In China

Even as the western world tries to increase its footprint in the restricted Chinese environment, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that his company was elated to be operating with the Chinese and is set for enjoying increased cyberspace in the days to come. While the Silicon Valley aspires for an unregulated free access to the lucrative Chinese market, Chinese President Xi Jinping conveyed through an official that China’s door is opened to the world and it will only open wider in the days to come.

As done in the previous years, the organizers demanded for free access to the Internet as against the strict censorship and extensive monitoring offered by the Chinese Great Firewall, particularly to the foreign websites. According to the activists, the freedom to express has been greatly curbed since 2013, after Xi’s elevation to the Presidential post. Currently, popular platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and world’s favorite Google are banned in China. The gap is filled by domestic Internet player Tencent. Talking of Apple, it has a mammoth production base in China, which even happens to be its biggest market. However, the local smartphone manufacturers are soon getting a level field in the market.

The tech giant Apple has been condemned by the app developers for bowing down to the censorship rules in China. Earlier in July, Apple deleted the apps that did not obtain license from the Chinese Government as a VPN provider. ExpressVPN, a firm whose app had been deleted by Apple from its app store, alleged that Apple aided China’s censorship efforts.

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