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Woman Slaps And Drags Man To Police Station For Vulgar Comments

A brave woman in Delhi’s busy Gaffar market pulled up a street ruffian by his collar and slapped him for making obscene comments. The woman later dragged the man to a local police station and got him arrested for harassment. The incident had occurred early this week when the woman was shopping with her friend in the busy market located at Karol Bagh region in New Delhi and was waylaid by a group of five men who started eve-teasing and harassing them. The men reportedly followed the two women when the duo got into an auto- rickshaw to avoid them and kept on passing lewd comments.

Woman Slaps And Drags Man To Police Station For Vulgar Comments

Their refusal to back off forced the woman to get off from the auto-rickshaw and confront the group and then start slapping one of them. Soon a large crowd gathered in the region and helped the woman drag the offending man to the nearest police station. Two men arrested for the incident were later identified as Manish and Abhishek from Charkhi Dadri region of Haryana which is around 100 kms from Delhi. A couple of months ago two women, one of whom was a journalist, were molested inside the ITO metro station and the incident was captured in the CCTV cameras.

According to data of the Delhi Police for the year 2017, an average of 5 rape cases are reported per day within the national capital though there was reduction in numbers since 2016. Unfortunately the number of molestation cases in 2017 increased drastically to 3,237 though incidents of eve-teasing and harassment have fallen from 894 in 2016 to less than 650 during 2017. To put an end to these horrific statistics that is besmirching the nation’s reputation, the police in Delhi have taken several initiatives to ensure women’s safety. Police chief Amulya Patnaik stated that under the banner of a women empowerment scheme labeled “Sashakti” trainers helped around 2 lakh women across various age groups learn strong self- defense techniques.

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