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Wipro Ties Up With US-Based Headspin For Mobility Solutions

Indian software giant Wipro on Friday had entered into a major deal with the US-based Headspin, a San Francisco-based company. The company usually uses an easy-to-use mobile experience platform, so that they can propose next generation mobility, engineering and testing solutions on global mobile networks around the globe. The IT major, Headspin, recently in a statement declared that the joint offering will just not only simplify testing and mobile experience, but will form global mobile networks and it is also known to the world that the company’s investment arm Wipro Ventures invested an unspecified amount in October this year.

Wipro Ties Up With US-Based Headspin For Mobility Solutions

The Wipro Vice President, Hiral Chandrana, said in a statement that the partnership with the US-based Headspin will have a well leveraged and connected network of 22,000 mobile devices deployed in the carrier networks across 150 locations around the world. He further stated that Indian software giant Wipro’s quality assurance capabilities will not only bring immense value to customers by authenticating their mobile applications, but also the devices and networks will be very much like the real life conditions.

The company further issued a statement stating that nowadays as mobile service all over the world has become an essential service for business. So, reliability and performance of mobile devices and applications are the two most important keys in order to enable a customer experience which should be excellent.

The US-based Headspin’s Chief Executive Manish Lachwani also said recently in a statement that the partnership with Indian IT major, Wipro would not only accelerate the adoption of its innovative solution by the world’s largest enterprises, but also give them a head start. He further added that Wipro’s investment will give them an impetus to their efforts in the mobile quality engineering space.

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