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Will 2017 See The Launch Of Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone?

If rumors are to be believed then Samsung is all set to launch its foldable smartphone in summer of 2017. According to a Chinese Twitter account, which is basically an expert in leaking most of the Samsung news related to electronics or apps, this news is true. If the news is taken seriously then the new device can be expected to hit the market after the launch of Galaxy S8 but before the launch of Galaxy Note 8.

Will 2017 See The Launch Of Samsung's Foldable Smartphone?

Samsung has the foldable smartphone design lined up in its pipeline since a long time. Hence, the decision of getting such a design in the market is not surprising. The South Korean giant has already a number of patents filed in the Korean Intellectual Property Office and the addition of this new concept is a bonanza for the manufacturer. Looking at the launch of the flexible plastic display screen prototypes at the CES 2011, Las Vegas, the launch date doesn’t seem far away. However, if the leaked news is to be believed the hinge system for the foldable smartphone will be similar to that of the conventional old flip phones and the display screens will be large when the front face will be opened.

Speaking of the names, the new smartphone may also end up having “Galaxy X,” just an assumption though. The product will hit the Asian market before going global in order to check its properties and design. Samsung has mastered in the OLED technology by developing a number of innovative flexible technology-laden screens. The Super AMOLED technology and the cutting edge designs of the phone, for instance in curving Galaxy S6 edge has made the company the king of technology over the years.

If this device is to hit the global market in 2017 then there is no doubt that Samsung must have already started working on getting foldable laptops or tablets with an entirely transparent display in the market in the coming years.

“Can the foldable smartphones make a buzz in the smartphone market?” is something that only time can answer. So let’s wait and watch for more updates on this hi-tech device.


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