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What if your smartphone gets stolen?

You may never know when your smartphone is stolen even in your very presence. Hence, the proverb “Prevention is better than cure” is what we should apply in our daily lives. The smartphone is where the heart of people lies today.

It is a device that carries most of your data. Therefore, its high-end security is a must and of utmost concern. Looking at the increasing risk of the smartphones getting stolen and the individual’s personal data being misused, it is better to avoid leaving phones in public places and take some of the best and foolproof measures to recover the device. The first step is to always keep the smartphone screen lock system activated in order to not let the thief have any access to your data on the phone. The step is to encrypt the data present in the phone. For instance, in case of the Android smartphones the “Security” menu option can help the user encrypt his or her data present in the memory whereas for the iPhone users the data encryption is done in the factory. If Find iPhone function and Android Device Manager is activated in the smartphones, then it is possible to erase the data or block the device instantly. But in this case, it’s like cat and mouse race between the thief and the owner. But this option is only possible if the phone remains connected to a network. The above steps are excellent but to be in a safer position, it is better to change the email security codes or passwords of any other online accounts.

The blocking and deleting measures can also help locate the device. This doesn’t mean you should hunt it down yourself; instead, it is safe to inform the police so that they can search the device. But the most important step in this situation is to have IMEI number, that is a unique serial number provided to all the phones, so that the tracking and recovery of the stolen device gets easy.

What if your stars aren’t shining bright? Hence, it is better to keep a backup of the data on the phone. The iCloud and iTunes help the iPhones and the Google accounts such as Google Drive and Google Photos as well as the MyPhone Explorer application help backup the mobile data.

So guys, learn to stay vigilant in order to avoid such inevitable incidences.

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