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Voice Controlled Assistant To Be Launched By Roku

In order to stand in line with Google, Apple and Amazon, Roku intends to add a voice-controlled digital assistant to TV streaming players.

Voice Controlled Assistant To Be Launched By Roku

The voice capabilities of Roku are currently confined to only performing search requests as well as launching apps. Soon, the assistant will be able to bring in broader requests under its purview including video, music and other entertainment tasks and features.

Even after this, it is considered to be a much narrower scope when compared to its competitors. Its bigger rivals are all set to build digital command centers in the homes of many. Google’s Assistant, Apple’s assistant, Siri, and Amazon’s assistant, Alexa, have been designed to perform many tasks and control appliances that have no relation of any sort with entertainment.

Before its assistant reaches homes, Roku could fall even further behind. Although the announcement was made on Wednesday, the assistant will not be released until this becomes part of a software update.

By the time that Roku’s assistant version is launched, Roku hopes to have an assortment of agreements in order to license its software to the makers of smart speakers, sound bars along with other audio devices.

On Wednesday, Roku has even made official announcements of its plans to connect its video players with the sound systems through the wireless mode. It also expanded on the alliances that it already has forged with the big television manufacturers during the period of the last five years.

TCL will be the first and the foremost manufacturer to fabricate a sound system that would be tied to Roku’s video players. More details in depth about that device will be put to release next week when Roku and other technology giants come together for a world class electronics show which would be held in Las Vegas—CES 2018.

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