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Vodafone plans to extend its partnership for 4G exploitation

Vodafone India plans to switch all its 3G SIM users to 4G in the coming months. In order to enhance the 4G network use, Vodafone plans to partner with easy, Mega, and Meru Cabs, which are currently present in the Delhi NCR region. Are you aware of why the service providers are approaching the cab services? No! Right?

So let’s put some light on it. The idea behind providing around 500 cabs with the 4G SIM mobile dispensers is for helping people switch their cards from the 3G SIM to the 4G SIM without any difficulty. The kits that are accessible in cabs come along with an instruction guide so as to make the switch from the 3G SIM to the 4G SIM. For the people planning to switch, there is an additional bonanza, that is, the prepaid customers can enjoy 4GB free data for up to 10 days and in case of the postpaid customers, they can enjoy the 4GB data till they reach the end of bill cycle.

Vodafone plans to extend its partnership for 4G exploitation

How can it be activated? Once you have the dispenser, all that you have to do is use the old number to SMS ‘SIMEX’ to 55199. After SMSing, there is a 19–20 digit new 4G SIM card number that is present on the new 4G SIM card cover which the user has obtained from the 4G SIM mobile dispenser. Though the process may seem tedious, it isn’t. Just a small procedure to be followed before the 4G SIM activation. Then there is an SMS that the user will receive from the number 55199 with a partial SIM number and all that the user has to do is message the last 6 digits of the new SIM card number within 2 Hours on the same number.

An SMS regarding the 4G SIM activation will be received with 5–10 Minutes. After this, the user has to just replace the old SIM with a new 4G SIM. And in case there is a trouble shooting during any of the following steps then call 199 for further assistance and solution. The whole upgrading process is free of cost and Vodafone also plans to send out its executives in certain cabs for solving people’s issues.

Vodafone just wants all its customers to shift from the 2G or 3G data to 4G today for experiencing a better network utility. Delhi has already shown a tremendous increase in the use of the 4G network. They are planning to reach out to the people by setting up workshops, sending SIM cards home, and partnering with the cab services that are commonly used.

In addition to this, Vodafone has got a Rs 6 per hour, that is, Rs 29 recharge pack named “Vodafone SuperNight” in which the customers can enjoy unlimited 3G or 4G data from 1 am to 6 am. In short, Vodafone is just trying to combat Reliance Jio.

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