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Vertu and TCL shake hands to produce 30,000 luxury mobile phones

One of the leading manufacturers of the luxury mobile phones in the world, Vertu, is signing a major contract with the TCL Communication. This will be the first agreement ever since the company was procured in mid-March of 2017 by the tycoon Hakan Uzan. The agreement has been settled for $40 Million. This will basically facilitate Vertu to utilize the TCL Communication’s innovative and improved technology for the 30,000 handcrafted phones of Vertu. These phones will be manufactured at the Vertu unit in Hampshire (Church Crookham).

Talking about the agreement, Hakan said, “We are pleased to have inked a contract with TCL Communication. TCL Communication is an esteemed associate of Vertu and we wish that this will be the beginning of a flourishing new chapter in our association.” This is a step forward to assist Vertu in exploiting its potential as an influential worldwide brand. And with the new support and headship of Hakan, the company is witnessing a considerable modernization and restructuring of all its business units, at the same time maintaining the craftsmanship and heritage, it is well known for across the globe.

Vertu and TCL shake hands to produce 30,000 luxury mobile phones

He further added, “Access will be given to consumers to the finite, special edition Constellation X products in mid July, with the complete build up by early September. The new range of Vertu Concierge Services will be launched in mid July in only a few markets, with a new broad-ranging collection of Vertu Life Style Products becoming accessible in early September in Vertu Boutiques.”

TCL Communication’s Senior Vice President, Alain Lejeune, said, “As a leading smartphone pioneer, TCL Communication is delighted to expand our successful collaboration with Vertu. Merging our enhanced smartphone technology with outstanding commitment and craftsmanship of Vertu to superior performance and design, it will aid in producing a better experience for its customers.”

The parent company, Vertu AK France, is intending to introduce new products and services in September, coupled with pronouncing numerous exclusive luxury associations with leading worldwide brands. These products will be retailed in the key luxury markets of the UK, France, Asia, the Middle East China, Western Europe, and Russia.

While the corporate office of the company has been shifted to Paris, all the products of Vertu are manufactured and designed in the UK, with about 90% intended for export markets. The Hampshire base is operated by the company since 2000, delivering its first mobile in 2002. So far, the company has retailed more than 500,000 devices across the globe. The new phones by Vertu have an entry retailing value of £7,500 and it has registered more than 225,000 users.


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