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Some Users Find the Hello Button on Facebook Bothersome

Facebook is a commonly used social media among the public. In order to enthrall its users, Facebook is always experimenting with its websites and application. Recently, the company has introduced a Hello button almost similar to its prior Poke feature. The continuous changes in the features and appearances of the website are basically being done so as to make the conversation between the known and unknown individuals more funny and interesting.

However, all the features have their own pros and cons. Like in the case of Hello button, there are a lot of complaints and criticism being raised on the sites. As the button is present right next to the Add Friend feature, some of the users click on the Hello instead of the Add Friend option, especially when they are just checking out some unknown profiles or keeping an eye on their exes. The situation gets awkward due to the new button. Thus, most of the users are not happy with the new option introduced by the company.

Some Users Find the Hello Button on Facebook Bothersome

The chance of accidentally falling into trouble is very high. Most of the Facebook users are always on the lookout for attention by sending virtual features such as in the case of Hello button a virtual wave is sent that is similar to the earlier Poke option. The Poke feature didn’t gain as much popularity as accepted by the company. Hence, the social media giant had hoped for a lot from the Hello button but that doesn’t seem to be happening owing to the increasing criticism.

According to the users, the new button is just a call for trouble by making an unintentional wrong choice. However, in order to get one out of the awkward situation, there is also an option of tapping the button again and selecting the OK option in the pop up in order to undo the mistake.

Facebook plans to unveil the new feature as soon as possible in spite of a slight jitter. The feature is still in the testing stage, thus not all the users have it on their profile. Hello hopes to woo the users, unlike the Poke feature.

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