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Upgraded WhatsApp Makes iOS Users Watch YouTube While Chatting

iPhone users can now watch YouTube videos during their chats and lock their keypad while recording a WhatsApp audio by upgrading their current WhatsApp version to avail the new features.

The latest version of WhatsApp v2.27.81 allows the Apple device users to watch the YouTube links sent on their WhatsApp chat in a minimized window while switching through the other chat walls. The feature is available in a PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode that stacks your YouTube and WhatsApp chat windows in one. The new version is widely available in the App Store for iOS users with the information on the features in the “What’s New Section”.

As per WABetaInfo, the change log in the App Store mentions about the PIP mode and new feature for YouTube video, it still hasn’t been activated but the locking of the keypad while recording your the is available. Earlier, the link to the YouTube video would open directly in the YouTube app, the new feature might soon be activated.

The other feature will help the iOS users to record their long audio message with a locked keypad to ease the stress of holding the recoding button. The users can swipe up and lock it while recording as longest audio as possible. After updating the WhatsApp, they can manage conveniently.

The recently added feature makes it easy for the admin to filter the unnecessary activities on the group by other admins, like restricting them from deleting the members of the group or the creator of the group. This feature limits the flexibility in the groups while bringing in discipline in the groups as WhatsApp groups are not only used for entertainment but are used by corporate professionals as well.

For an added benefit, the WhatsApp team is working to create a feature, where one can swipe voice calls to video calls swiftly without interrupting the ongoing voice call. The recipient has the liberty to connect or disconnect the video call though. Another interesting feature is to mute a video while recording which is still under process of testing. With over 200 Million users on monthly basis in India, WhatsApp aims to meet every possible need.



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