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U.S. Drone Back On Earth after Two Years

After almost a journey of 2 years in outer space, the drone X-37 B of the U.S. military returned back on the planet, powering untamed ideas about its inscrutability mission.

Having looks similar to that of the old NASA space ferry, the craft landed down in Florida last week, ending its voyage of almost 718 days revolving around the Earth, the U.S. Air Force declared. With an almost 15-foot wingspan and just less than 9.1 meters (30 feet) long, the X-37 B drone was triggered into the space in the low orbit of Earth on the top of a rocket.

U.S. Drone Back On Earth after Two Years

From the time of its first flight back in 2010, it has flashed all types of assumptions about its genuine intention. Some believe it may be a bomber based on space, which could clout objectives on the planet at a notice of a moment. Others think it is a possible “killer satellite,” having the capability of damaging or destroying satellites of the enemy. Or maybe it is a super detective plane, revolving around the Earth to keep an eye on territory of the enemy as required. Some of those theories are also based on the fears that the earth is on the edge of a weaponry species in the outer space.

Weapon of war

Satellites are important for the operating of military operations as well as national economies, and China, the United States, and Russia are all having an opinion about methods to guard them against such assault.

In 2015, the strange actions of a Russian satellite powered rumors that Moscow was designing satellites that are capable of attacking and maneuvering in space to destroy other satellites. But many researchers and scientists hesitate on the fact that the X-37 B drone is the model for a real weapon of espionage or war.

“The X-37 is the almost similar to a pick-up truck when it comes to size. It might be tricky to have an effectual bat on board,” says an advocate of sustainable development in space, Victoria Samson, who is also an expert with the Secure World Foundation.

Well, for now, scientists will be revealing the information that the drone has locked within.

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