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Twitter Seeks to Engage Sports Enthusiast with Pioneering Ways

Twitter is finding new methods to engage sports aficionados, clicking into their enthusiasm since it battles its corner in the competitive race of social media. Sports corporation director for the Middle East and Europe of Twitter, Theo Luke, claimed to the Leaders Week in London that sport is a huge booster on the social networking website for activity.

“In 2016, when Donald Trump made an entry to the U.S. presidency and British voters selected to exit the European Union, the United Kingdom sport was the largest matter of chats,” Luke claimed to the media this week. “Certainly, more than 2x the users used Twitter for that than Donald Trump being elected and Brexit (for instance, England being knocked out of Euro 2016 made 331,000 tweets and Premier League title won by the night Leicester City witnessed 360,000 tweets).”

Twitter Seeks to Engage Sports Enthusiast with Pioneering Ways

Luke claimed that Twitter has almost 15 Million consumers in Britain and 1 out of 2 who claim they love sport are fanatical about it. “This matches with a survey by Loughborough University that viewed at sports aficionados and what type of platforms they utilized. They discovered that the more fervent you were to a team the more probable you were to utilize Twitter since we are the home of real-time data.”

Twitter witnesses an increase on match days in users, as per Luke. A board of “Twitter sources” with software on their handsets allows the site to observe the apps the people are communicating with. “What you discover as you get nearer to a live sport is our consumption increases as users need to communicate with the live audience,” claimed Luke.

“The space we work in and strike for where we are carrying on really well in is the live atmosphere and that is why live videos and live clips make so much logic to us.” Twitter has taken measures to continue with the need from aficionados, although it encounters a confront to battle with contenders with profound pockets. “We purchased Periscope as an app for user experience and in 2016 inked a contract for 10 Thursday games with the NFL,” claimed Luke.

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