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Twitter Exec Speaks about Bogus News, Says “Not Truth Arbiters”

There are a few limitations while operating an account on Twitter. Some of these are posting pornographic contents, wearing a swastika in a profile picture, threatening violence, and more. However, one can easily lie on this platform.

Twitter has mentioned it very specifically that it can act as a medium for fact-checkers; however, it will not offer any judgment regarding truth and falseness of any incident or post.

Twitter Exec Speaks about Bogus News, Says “Not Truth Arbiters”

Nick Pickles, the head of public policy, from Twitter said very clearly that it is not a truth arbiter. He also added that Twitter won’t remove any post that is based on false facts. This forum is a conjugation of journalists, citizens, activists, and more who proactively correct the record as well as the information.

President Donald Trump has aided in spreading the fake news to a great extent. This particular event is a reminder that the online hoaxes, a few times, are created to control the political opinions. However, this is an international problem.

Pickles further added that the posts that are related to fake information can be erased if it is found going against the rules set but he firmly assured that it won’t be removing any posts which offer false information.

Twitter and Facebook are not the same in various aspects. Facebook puts an acute endeavor to track the false news. It recently revealed an idea to crowdsource the credibility ratings for the news channels and has already accumulated a team for checking the facts in Italy, which is about to face an election. Even in the past year, before the selection of the President of France, Facebook published a full-page advertisement in the newspapers that offered tips for identifying the fake facts.

The negative aspect of the initiative taken by Facebook is, the more it tries to reject the false information, the more people will expect from it. In contrast, Twitter is not letting the expectations take a plunge.


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