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Twist: A calmer approach for team communication in professional settings

If you are aware of the productivity app Todoist, you would surely know the company behind it. Yes, it is Doist, and the company is back with a service that will be launched for team communication. The new service, dubbed Twist will be competing against the recognized giants in this domain such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Hipchat, Facebook’s Workplace, and Flock.

The team communication services are basically the group messaging apps for businesses. WhatsApp groups are what we all usually use for personal communications. However, they are not appropriate for professional settings. And if you do not want to be disturbed or distracted by the random WhatsApp pings when you are working, then probably, you should opt for the team communication services, for instance, Slack.

Here, Twist seems to have taken an entirely different approach in comparison to the Microsoft Teams and Slack. When you talk about Slack, it is all about instantaneous messaging. In this, an instant response is expected from the colleagues. The producers of Twist told that this approach was not working for them at all. Around 40 employees are a part of the Doist, all of them working remotely. It is a team dispersed through different continents. And above all, the different time zones would make them wake up to have numerous unread messages, becoming an interruption to communication for the company.

So, here Twist comes into the picture. Developed over 3 years, it concentrates deeply on threads to dodge misunderstanding and to make sure that every discussion stays on subject. In a way, it is analogous to Facebook status messages and notes on those. Twist says this enables a disturbance-free communication and refers it as a calmer mode of messaging.

The free tier of Twist allows the user to search message archives for up to 1 month, up to 5 integrations, and file storage of 5GB. However, its paid tier does not have these bounds and is valued at $6 (approximately Rs 400) per month per user. You can get a discount, costing $5 (approximately Rs 330) per month per user if you pay yearly. If you opt to try it out, the free Mac and iOS apps are available for download.

Though the approach of Twist may work for few groups, several teams use Slack for its highlight on immediate messaging. However, there are numerous businesses that would want to use a more organized matter-based team messaging app and possibly, Twist is what they would be seeking for.

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