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Trump, Should Exhibit More Respect For Women—The Gates Say

In their recent annual press meet at London where Gates couple answer questions about their foundation, both expressed displeasure about current president Donald Trump’s proposal to cut aid to needy foreign nations. The philanthropic couple also stated that he should treat women and his detractors with little more respect instead of being openly vitriolic in his statements. Instead of setting a good example before American people with his policies he is going around closing down aid to fight poverty in poor nations.

Trump, Should Exhibit More Respect For Women—The Gates Say

Melinda Gates stated that she wished for a more liberal president who would be a little more respectful towards women in his speeches and tweets. As equality of every individual irrespective of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation was a part of American spirit Mr. Trump comments were affecting that principle. As the couple got around to answering “the toughest 10 questions” about their philanthropic activities around the globe, they took this opportunity to speak against Trump’s declaration about cutting aid to fight poverty overseas.

Bill Gates emphasized that the current proposal of cut-backs may make the world an unsafe place as these funds help in curtailing diseases in poor nations before they become pandemics around the world. Trump’s move could make it unsafe with increase in the number of hungry and sick people. These cutbacks have led to both Republicans and Democrats opposing the move as the administration had proposed $37.8 billion for International Development. Congressmen know that these efforts to save lives and eradicate disease in poor nations stabilize them and make the world a safer place for everyone.

Trumps policies about birth control and protection of equal pay rights have also led to several protests across the nation to mark Trump’s first anniversary as President. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has gained international acclaim for promoting use of vaccines and curbing spread of AIDS and Malaria.

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