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TRAI Invites Views On Fresh Telecom Policy

TRAI, the telecom regulator, this week invited communal opinions on inputs for the planned NTP (National Telecom Policy), which is below progress by the government. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) will give its views on the issue to the Department of Telecom, which expects to finalize the fresh policy by end of March this year. TRAI this week rolled out a discussion document on “Inputs for Formulation of National Telecom Policy- 2018.”

TRAI Invites Views On Fresh Telecom Policy

In a statement, the controller claimed that its views have been organized on the basis of opening talks with various stakeholders comprising equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, cloud service providers, and industry bodies in proportion to the technical enhancements in the segment and user aspirations for digital services.

The NTP goals in consultation documents of TRAI comprise accomplishing 900 Million connections of broadband at a download speed of minimum 2 Mbps, achieving average speed of 20 Mbps for wireless connectivity of Internet, designing 10 Million public Wi-Fi hotspots, and placing the country amongst leading-50 countries in worldwide rankings of communications systems, network readiness, & services.

Other goals comprise allowing access for linking to almost 10 Billion Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things devices & sensors and drawing investment of USD 100 billion in the sector of communications. The paper from TRAI claimed that this can be gained via plans such as operating towards One Nation–One License for facilities, review of spectrum charges and license fee, and making accessible funds for projects on communication infrastructure all over the country with that of connectivity infrastructure segments such as railways and roadways.

It claimed that the regulation might have 2 objectives making easy the development of communication services and infrastructure to attain comprehensive socio-economic development and to push India to turn out to be the in the vanguard position in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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