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Toyota’s Lexus Surveying Opportunity To Set Up Plant In India

The luxury vehicle department of Japanese auto giant Toyota, Lexus, claimed this week that it is surveying the likelihood of setting up assembly plants in India. “I am not aware as to when it will take place but we are surveying. Taxation is so difficult so we are now surveying,” Yoshihiro Sawa, President of Lexus, claimed to the reporters in an interview here. He was answering to a question that if the Japanese company was also seeking at having assembly plants in India similar to what its rivals have in the nation. When inquired about the tax formation in India, he claimed, “It is an issue but ultimately, the government preserved the present circumstance, which is fine for us, so we can carry on our business.”

Toyota's Lexus Surveying Opportunity To Set Up Plant In India

He also claimed that now India has turned out to be very lively and the leadership seems unbelievable. “In India, there are different wealthy guys there, so I believe it was a fine start for Lexus. Toyota Motor India and TKM made an attempt to enlarge dealership,” Sawa claimed. Highlighting out the latent of Indian market, he claimed, “I expect Lexus will develop but we are only resting at the beginning point now, we do not trade so much Lexus at the moment but we try to force it in concert with more cars. We might try to include extra in the future.” Presently, the firm ships cars from Japan into India.

Lexus marked its entry in India in March 2017 with the roll out of a hybrid-aimed series of cars sporting crossover RX450h, sedan ES300h, and SUV LX450d. The firm has started 4 showrooms in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurugram, and New Delhi. In addition to this, it also aims to set up service centers in Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kochi, and Chennai. Afterward in September, the firm declared the restructuring of its process in the nation to go separately from Toyota, the parent brand.

Speaking on performance of the company in up-and-coming markets in comparison to the developed ones, he claimed it is still very sluggish in nations such as Indonesia and India. “So we are steadily extending our dealership in India and Asia, ” he further added.

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