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Thin Gel-Like Coating That Can Enhance Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

A research team at Yale University has designed a very thin gel-like coating that has the capability of enhancing the efficiency and life expectancy of the lithium–sulfur batteries. The new material is a film of dendrimer–graphene oxide that can be coated onto any sulfur electrode. Recent events of iPhone and Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung catching fire demonstrated the risk associated with the lithium batteries.

Thin Gel-Like Coating That Can Enhance Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

A cathode is the battery’s positive end. As per the authors, sulfur cathodes that are coated with a material can be steadily recharged and discharged for more than 1,000 cycles, improving the number of cycles and efficiency of the battery.

Hailiang Wang said, “Our application is common in that it can be incorporated into almost any type of sulfur electrode to boost the cycling stability. The manufactured film is so light and thin that it won’t influence the overall weight or size of the battery, and hence, it will work without compromising the power density and energy of the device.”

New kinds of electrodes including the negative and positive terminals are regarded as indispensable for the improvement of a new generation of high-energy-density batteries. As the lithium-ion batteries, which are at present utilized in laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic tools, start to attain their capacity limitations, most of the researchers are relying on lithium–sulfur as a way out. Sulfur is abundant as well as lightweight, with a high hypothetical energy capacity.

The researchers made its discovery by merging the diverse characteristics of 2 material components. They combined capability of a dendrimer molecule to impound lithium polysulfides with the graphene oxide’s mechanical strength. And the process results in an end product that is a gel-like pulp that can be voluntarily covered as a 100nm thin film on the sulfur electrodes.

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