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The shaky hands while recording video will no longer matter: Google Photos

We all have experienced that moment when we take a video or click a photo, our hands shake. This ultimately results in shaky videos. But now, we don’t need to worry about it has Google Photos has added a few stabilization feature to its app.

Google Photos is official photo storing, sharing, and management solution of Google for iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Recently, the company has launched a new video feature that enables the user to stabilize videos that they have recorded with the device or have locally stored on it. All the present phones have the video recording capabilities, which keep on enhancing with every generation of smartphones, for example, the resolution of recording. The video stabilization is basically a method that decreases the video’s shakiness automatically, meaning it decrease the blurring linked to the camera’s movement during exposure.

All videos captured with any camera are supported by the new stabilize feature by Google photos. The only condition is to have the video accessible on the device which runs Google Photos on it. All you need is to have installed the Google Photos app on your device and the process will itself occur locally. After installation, open the app and click on the video that you wish to stabilize. Let the video open in full screen. Trace the toolbar situated at the bottom and click on the edit link present there, which is the 2nd icon from the left side. A new screen is opened with the 2 new options for video editing. In order to start the stabilization process of the video, select the “Stabilize” option. The users can also rotate their video in case they have captured it upside down.

The process may take a while to complete as it would mainly depend on the quality & length of the video as well as the device’s processing power. After the stabilization process is completed, the video is available for preview. The user can judge whether the stabilization has worked properly for them or not. The save link will enable the user to save the processed video on the device or just close it, which will transfer it to the trash.

So, the shaky hands will no longer matter when you are recording a video, isn’t it?

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