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The New Nokia Commercial With “Star Wars” Theme For Android Phones

Nokia is about to release a basket full of new Android phones very soon and guess what? The company has decided to make this viral on Star Wars Day by making a new advertisement that will feature some of its upcoming and new devices in a scene inspired by Star Wars; these devices will highlight an old classic one. The entire commercial begins with a Nokia 6—the iconic Star Wars opener. Next, the 2 Nokia phones are seen conversing on the Tatooine—an equally iconic desert planet. A Bugdroid is seen roving in the shoot and further the lasers start flying. A Nokia 6 phone makes its entrance by taking the role of Darth Vader—classic Star Wars villain. Nokia 6 is flanked by 2 Stormtrooper white Nokia 3 phones while its entrance in the scene. However, Nokia 3310 steals the show and the dramatic entry of Nokia 6. Obviously, the ad highlights the phones’ upcoming release with the tagline Coming to your galaxy soon…

According to the company, the latest model of Android phones that is featured in this new commercial will probably be releasing between May and June all around the world. While some of these models have had strewn releases in particular markets, others have comparatively tangible release dates fixed, and some of them are about to the make their entry in the market between May and June. All the Nokia players, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6, will make their appearances here encompassing the Android-end of things. However, the all new modified Nokia 3310 does not run Android but will make a its doorway in the commercial.

All Nokia smartphones in the Android version will be successful in covering the lower-range pretty nicely; however, none of these sport high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series processors or even the mid-range Snapdragon 6. Nokia 6 is already released in few regions and features Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor along with 4GB RAM (at least in one variant) and storage capacity of 32GB. Nokia 5 sports the same processor along with 2GB RAM, whereas Nokia 3 features MediaTek MT6737 processor, a bit lower-end thing, along with 2GB RAM. All the three phones will be enjoying different release dates in the coming few weeks, while some of the models are already making their mark in few markets.

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