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The Gorgeous Beast Ferrari J50 Revealed

Gorgeous Beast Ferrari J50 Revealed

The Italian car maker known for its pace and aerodynamically activated designs have always amazed the auto freaks and burnt loads of asphalts to reach its top.

Yes, you got it right… We are talking about the one in red with a horse on it. It’s Ferrari again revealing its brand new J50 model.

The model is an exclusively limited one with only ten of such built. The cost isn’t disclosed but for sure it was sold out for price we couldn’t estimate.

Under the hood, it has powerful 488 spider with 3.9 litre V8 engine along with power delivery maximum of 681 bhp. And who needs to explain about the output and the top speed, its spider goes 0–100 kph in just 3 sec with a top speed of 325 kph.

The speed is the considerable factor but the most vital factors are outstanding designs, sleek finish, enhancing looks, and much more. Compared to standard 488, this model appears to be more violent. The J50 comes with a classy targa top and strips running along the doors.

The rear style recalls the design of F50 AND F40, with quadrangle taillights. Well, modified bumpers intake more air and make it perfectly aerodynamic. However, 20-inch alloys give a slight glimpse of 458 Ferrari Sergio.

The interior is equipped with sporty seats in red and black describing copiousness. Thus, the buyers will be served with much more customization along with added features respective to their money.

The too fast and too rapid Ferrari has always dazzled our hearts with its mesmerizing assets. Let’s see how dazzling will this one be…

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