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The First Ever Autonomous Security Vehicle Along With Companion Drone

Drones used for surveillance and security robots are not the trending innovations of their kind; however, Otsaw Digital, a Singapore-based company has been successful in combining the two things. The O-R3 is the first one of its kind ground–aerial al fresco security robot, which combines an autonomous roaming ground automobile with a drone for surveillance. This results in a mobile system that is capable of launching a drone that will follow trespassers and also track their position.

The First Ever Autonomous Security Vehicle Along With Companion Drone

This innovative O-R3 is power-driven by machine learning algorithms enabling it to effectively shun away obstacles and recognize atypical objects, such as left over bags, whilst on its rounds. The system further comprises license and facial plate recognition technology that is designed to recognize vehicles or people, at unwanted places and at wrong times, at the same time ignoring accepted vehicles and personnel.

The associated drone is controlled within the ground vehicle and is launched from extended platform at vehicle’s rear as required. When in the air, this aerial drone is capable of tracking intruders at a distance of about 328 ft, that is100 m, from its ground-based analogue.

The system is capable to sustain 24/7 and is designed to trim down the necessity of human interference to continuously guard a property. All unusual behavior notifications are transmitted to a control center, wherein a team can examine the data and manage controls of the O-R3 if necessary. Further, the vehicle has the ability to return to its charging station autonomously in case the battery is running down.

The O-R3 may eradicate few low-level security jobs. However, the company makes one point clear—this is not an entirely unmanned system. Experienced people are yet needed to examine things and evaluate the alerts that are registered by the machine. Nevertheless, the company further mentions that the O-R3 is capable of performing scheduled tasks with machine coherence, so that the humans are free to perform other more important tasks.

Otsaw Digital is all ready for the launch of O-R3 at CommunicAsia17, which will be held in Singapore and last for 3 days starting May 23 to May 25. It further plans to introduce an indoor, smaller version in the coming future.

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