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The Backup Feature Of Truecaller For Android Is Now Rolled Out

Truecaller has rolled out a new feature dubbed as Backup for Android. This newest feature allows the users to restore and back up the call history, contacts, settings, and block list to the Google Drive. The new Truecaller backup alternative assists the users when they swap their smartphones, reset devices, get new SIM cards, or even if re-install an application, as mentioned by the company.

The Backup Feature Of Truecaller For Android Is Now Rolled Out

The company said, within a couple of days, the new backup feature will be made accessible on Android smartphones. It states, “With simply a hit at a button, the app will backup all your call history, contacts, block list, settings preferences, and call logs to a file that will be hoarded on your Google Drive.” In the meantime, the users who don’t have a Google Drive account will receive a pop up to make one, when the application is updated subsequently. With the upcoming Truecaller application update, the backup will have to be set up by the users. In addition, the users will be capable of selecting how regularly the application would backup records, such as never, monthly, weekly, or daily.

When it comes to data restoring, the users will require giving Truecaller the access to the Google Drive account and the most recent saved records get restored. In addition, the application has rolled out one more feature entitled Truecaller Contacts. Every number the user sends SMS, make transactions, or calls on will be saved. This feature allows the users to rebuke numbers from months back, although they were not saved.

Truecaller, in the previous week, had declared for its Android application the launch of numerous new features. The new features include enhancements to Flash messaging and Simple Copy OTP. Truecaller, with Simple Copy OTP, has generated a shortcut that offers the users with a single-tap mode to directly copy the one-time password from the message received on their device. In the meantime, it enhanced the Flash messaging feature offering a more refined design.

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