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Telepresence robots that can help kids stay in school

As a kid, the best part of our lives is the school. The school is not a place where we just don’t gain knowledge but also make friends and forms the base of what we become later in our lives. However, kids who are bedridden or suffering from any critical disease such as cancer, immune system disorders, heart diseases, or any other disorders cannot get the privilege of going to school.

But now this can be possible as a new study by a research team at the University of California, Irvine, is validating how technology is enabling the critically ill kids to be a part of the classroom with the help of the telepresence robots.

Telepresence robots are basically Internet-permitted, dual-way video-streaming automatons that have a display that shows the face of the child at the top of a vertical system and wheels for feet. The robot functions as a surrogate. The student can control the system sitting at home via a tablet or laptop. The robot enables the kid to hear and see everything happening in the classroom as well as communicate with the teachers and their classmates. The student can even raise a hand to answer or ask a question, move from classroom to classroom, get involved in group discussions, join friends during lunch break or recess, and even be there for extracurricular and after-school activities such as Boy Scouts or choir. In this way, the telepresence robot makes a way to get the chronically ill kids involved in the customary school learning atmospheres.

The primary analysis in the study demonstrated that with the assistance of these robots, the students were able to rise above isolation and were also accepted by most of the classmates. The students were also observed to be more involved academically.

As we know, technology comes with its own pros and cons, the robot may not be ideal for every situation. One of the unfortunate experiences of the childhood is bullying, which cannot be ignored or even a kid who doesn’t want to be noticed can find it difficult as the robot would, of course, seek attention on many in the school campus.

However, the study provides as a significant part of research that needs a lot more attention and care.

What do you think about this telepresence robot?

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