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Telecom Supervisory Body Backs Net Neutrality, Said Internet Is An ‘Open Platform’

Telecom Supervisory Body Backs Net Neutrality, Said Internet Is An ‘Open Platform'

India’s telecom supervisory body TRAI this week on Tuesday issued its suggestion on Internet neutrality and stated the Internet is considered as an ‘open platform’. Here are the major key takeaways and why it actually matters:

  1. The supervisory body stated that Internet service providers must not connect in any bigoted treatment of substance, which mainly translates to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India seeking to stop any practice where chosen content is completely blocked, despoiled, decreased or granted special speeds.
  2. Service providers or Licensees should be proscribed from incoming into any kind of arrangement that has an outcome of discriminatory conduct of substance, the supervisory body added in its recommendations.
  3. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on the other hand, said, “Particular services” must be kept out of the domain of net neutrality. “The services that can be interpreted to be ‘specific services’ on account of needing a precise level of quality must perhaps not be detained within the range of this stipulation as a ‘non-neutral’ conduct may innately be needed for such services,” it added.
  4. But such a regulation must also not limit any kind of developments that perk up the in-general excellence and capacity of the net or hold back the prospect of appearance of recent categories of services or pioneering ways of delivering accessible services, TRAI added.
  5. The supervisory body states that it is suitable to permit flexibility to execute rational traffic organization, “which is required for the delivery of an adequate level of eminence of services”. What actually this means is telcoms and service givers may be able to offer ‘fast lanes’ for few content based on traffic conduct. “If it is done only to continue network veracity at times of intense obstruction, it won’t be problematical, but if it is an insidious measure to execute distinguished and preferred contact to various categories of substance then it will weaken net neutrality,” added free Internet advanced body Internet Freedom Foundation’s founder Apar Gupta, who is also a part Supreme Court lawyer.


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