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Telecom Is Not Just Revenue Generator, But A Services Facilitator: Manoj Sinha

The telecom ministry must be looked as a catalyst of digital services and other facilities and not as a mere income generator for the management, claimed minister Manoj Sinha to the media in an interview. He signaled that a possible move in the approach of the ministry and bringing it nearer to the perspective of the market, which has long criticized about steep base prices and excessive levies for auctions.

Telecom Is Not Just Revenue Generator, But A Services Facilitator: Manoj Sinha


“Digital India has to be executed, which will provide many advantages to other segments as well. Telecom ministry must be looked as a catalyst, more willingly than an income generator. It is a legitimate point,” the minister claimed to the media in a statement.

From 2010 to 2016, the government lifted Rs 3,48,467 Crore via 6 auctions of airwave, and telecom companies hold the steep outgo due to these as one of the major factor for their Rs 7.7 Lakh Crore money owing burden. Apart from this, they claim that up to 30 Paise of each rupee gained by them is paid as taxes and levy to the management.

“We are coming out with the new telecom rule in March. Whatever basic alterations we have to make, we will make in it,” Sinha claimed when asked if the management will look at scrapping or reducing spectrum usage charge and license fee, the 2 big elements of the telecom segment’s income contribution to the exchequer.

The minister further claimed that the fitness of the telecom segment was increasing. “The numbers are claiming that constancy is coming back to the segment,” Sinha claimed to the media in an interview this week. “The worst chapter is over and the sector is on the way to consolidate.” To support his point, Sinha mentioned the increasing quarterly income donation of telecom firms to the management.

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