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Take a Look at Essential’s 360-Degree Camera

Essential has built a unique port for its debuting phone in order to help transfer power and handle data as well as connect accessories with the help of magnets. The current accessory that the company is in the news for is its very own 360 camera.

The new 360-degree camera helps take immersive images or capture video that too in a small package. The camera is much smaller in comparison to the current 360 cameras being used. Hence, the Essential’s camera helps carry the phones easily. The camera is all ready to be shipped to the customers. The minuscule camera can be slid into the bags or pockets with great comfort. It is designed such that it can be attached to the back of the Essential phone and help capture the most memorable moments at just a click.

Take a Look at Essential’s 360-Degree Camera

The camera is attached to the device with such a strong magnetic force that it can never fall off while being used. The attaching and detaching of the accessory is so easy that it makes the whole procedure simple and sweet. The moment the accessory is attached onto the phone, the camera app is directly set into the 360-degree capture mode. However, in order to get the image preview to appear, the camera has to be removed and this results in automatically exiting the app. This may seem a good or bad feature as per one’s view. The images can be grabbed by just tapping on the virtual shutter button that appears the moment the app launches.

The images can be wholly viewed in the live preview with the help of a finger. As per Essential, what you see is what you get. On clicking the red button that appears next to the shutter will direct you to video record mode. One tap the video capturing starts from every corner you wish to capture and also gives a full real-time preview compared to the conventional 210-degree camera live. The video recorded is of 4K UHD resolution at 30fps and the images are of 12MP quality, which helps post quality videos or images on Facebook and YouTube. Also, the 3D audio and fan for heat management is a plus point. Thus, there is no way you would ignore it.


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