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SYM Gets Acquihired By Good Methods Global

A fintech startup, Save Your Money (SYM), is providing an automatic micro-saving platform. It was established by 5 engineering students from Kerala and now has been acquihired by Good Methods Global (GMG), the company backed by Accel Partners.

SYM was established by Vivek S, Aravind Muraleedharan, Aswin Dev, Abin Alias, and Sarah Abraham while in their 3rd year of engineering at the Muthoot Institute of Technology And Science in Ernakulam, Kerala. It was a financial technology firm idea that they converted into a business venture while enrolling in the digital learning program of the Startup Village Collective (SV.CO).

SYM Gets Acquihired By Good Methods Global

SV.CO’s candidate startup program allows students going to college to achieve a mindset of an entrepreneurial by making building prototypes, campus business ventures, and launching to early users, parallel to their engineering education.

The SYM platform, which is still in its early stage, has not had quantifiable success in the commercial, but the brilliant squad took the attention of GMG, which has earlier employed organizers mentored by SV.CO.

“Candidates who are making campus business ventures pick up design, engineering, and product skills that are in demand in the market,” claimed CEO and Founder of Good Methods Global, Abhilash Krishna. “We have earlier obtained another group from SV.CO and that has proved out really good for us, with most of the top students now working at our office in the U.S.”

From the 2015 batch of SV.CO’s #StartInCollege program, Sachu Shylan was a member of the group Creditoflux. In 2016, the group was acquihired by GMG and is currently in the U.S. to develop business processes with international users.

Sarah and Aravind of SYM are members of the QA functions at GMG whereas Vivek has coupled with their Engineering group.

“The industry exposure and skills that we received by commencing a campus startup has provided us a mindset of an entrepreneurial. Although we have been commercially unsuccessful in our campus business enterprise, the knowledge and confidence we received with the startup has enabled us join the GMG group and carry on learning how to grow and build a startup into a flourishing company,” claimed Aravind in his statement to media.

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