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Susan Bennett: The Voice behind Siri

Merely before Steve Jobs, diluted by his war with cancer, gave up from his position of CEO of Apple in 2011, he had a conversation with someone with the potential to become Siri, that voice of personal AI in the iPhone and the virtual assistance that could be helpful in different ways.

Susan Bennett: The Voice behind Siri

Jobs held his iPhone at a meeting during lunch on the same day when he resigned and inquired Siri: “Are you a woman or a man?” And Siri replied, “They did not allocate me a specific gender.” Jobs was satisfied. But the innovative voice behind Siri has a gender, a face, a home, as well as a job. She is Susan Bennett, now 67 years old, a singer and voiceover artist in the U.S. from Atlanta. “Even after so many years, some are astonished that a person’s voice is behind the Siri,” claims Bennett, in a conversation with the media from the U.S.

In the fall of 2011, Bennett was given the chance to become the voice in the new iPhone introduced in the market. A coworker mailed her, inquiring if she was certainly the voice of Siri, which Senior Vice President of Apple, Phil Schiller, had quoted as the “coolest characteristic of the iPhone 4S”. At that time, Bennett did not still owned an iPhone. She hurried to the website of the company to verify Siri; and there she was chatting in her own voice to her.

Now the big tech giants have personal voice-assisted assistants such as Google’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana; but Siri was the primary of all of them and one of its kind.

It all started way back in 2005, claims Bennett, when she would squander 4 hours each day, 5 days a week in July, comprehending out casual phrases and sentences: “Say the shroding again; say the shrodding again; say the shriding again; say the shreeding again; say the shrudding again; say the shrading again.” She was constructing a depository of words, and all types of probable differences, from which Siri would finally construct sentences.

Well, it is indeed hard to believe that there is a human voice behind the famous Siri.

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