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Study Reveals Around 60% Indians Probe Connected Devices While On Vacation

McAfee has conducted a study that showed nearly 60% of Indians exhaust at least an hour while on a vacation on their connected devices to take a glance at social media, email, and so on. The research “Digital Detox: Unwind, Relax and Unplug,” was intended at comprehending digital patterns of users when on a holiday. The online survey involved 1,504 individuals in India, spanning 18–55 divided equally by gender, who make use of a connected device on a daily basis.

Study Reveals Around 60% Indians Probe Connected Devices While On Vacation

Around 86% of individuals preferred to remain linked even while on a holiday so as to be accessible by family and friends at all times. McAfee’s Managing Director, Venkat Krishnapur, said, “Vacations can be a perfect chance to take a time off from connected devices, but the majority Indians are striving to do so.”

Although 83% of individuals confessed that taking rest from connected devices on holiday was a much superior experience, 52% (more than half) Indians couldn’t stay a day without probing their mail. Taking social media into consideration, around 51% of individuals desired to share posts during holidays. The study indicates that over 57 individuals felt nervousness over being unconnected and only 40% were keen to depart their smartphone behind.

Krishnapur added, “Our research shows almost 3 in 4 Indians depend on unprotected Wi-Fi during their holidays to connect with social media, friends, family, and work, intensifying their exposure to snooping cybercriminals. To circumvent being attacked, it becomes even more vital for vacationers to exercise watchfulness and depend on technology to remain protected online across all devices.”

Those with kids more readily approved to remain unconnected as 80% parents stated they would withhold from technology, in comparison to 74% of individuals without kids. Nearly 68% of parents let their kids utilize connected devices while voyaging.

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