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Steve Wozniak: Apple, Facebook and Google to Rule Till 2075

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, considers that Apple, Facebook and Google will continue to dominate the world in future till 2075. You must be confused as to what happened all of a sudden to Wozniak. Let us have a look.

“Apple will be a big brand in future similar to IBM that was founded in 1911,” said Wozniak when asked. He further added, “Looking at the whopping $246.1 Billion cash that Apple raised in 2016, it has the capability to invest in almost anything. It would be bizarre to not imagine them to be the dominator in 2075. The same rule applies for Facebook and Google.”

Steve Wozniak: Apple, Facebook and Google to Rule Till 2075

Wozniak was talking at the forefront for the theme of “The Future of Humanity: Where Will We Be in 2075?” of the Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC).

The three-day meeting, which Wozniak assisted last year, would discover the combination of technology and pop culture. Silicon Valley Comic Con is anticipated to attract almost 75,000–100,000 of the people from April 21, 2017 to April 23, 2017 in San Jose.

Wozniak has always topped the list of individuals who make precise prophecies. In 1982, Wozniak claimed that portable laptops would come out and he had strong feelings on how we would live our lives in future. He made some additional prophecies on what kind of world we can imagine in 2075. He mentioned that deserts could be perfect sites for future cities to be built and designed from scratch. In future, problems related to housing will not be present and people will transport among arched constructions. Unique wearable suits will permit people to make a trip outside, he claimed.

Wozniak added that one thing will be common in all the cities. Artificial intelligence would be everywhere. Users will interrelate with smart walls to communicate, shop, and to be entertained.

“Medical gadgets will allow doctor-free and self-diagnosis prescriptions. The query will be fair, on whether we can get rid of the requirement for doctors,” he said.

Well, we guess that Wozniak has already seen the future. Time will only tell whether the prophecy was true or not.

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