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Solar Park Power Production Going Double In India

The Indian Government has planned to double its power production from the solar parks. About 100 GW of power is expected to be produced by 2022 and this is what the Indian Government is aiming at for now. The Solar Energy Corporation and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of India have drafted a number of renewable energy projects to add about 20 GW to the goal. The 20 GW power generation is planned to rise to about 40GW in the coming years using the solar parks instead of the conventional rooftop solar panels. The reason for the change in the power generation targets is that the maintenance cost and infrastructure expenditure of the rooftop solar panels are very high whereas in the case of the solar park the maintenance is easier and as well as lower. India has its eyes all set on the, “100 GW power generation from the solar parks,” goal.

Indian Government has been able to setup almost 33 solar parks throughout the country. These parks generated about 20 GW power in 2016, which approves it to be a success.

India expects to lead the solar energy market as the expenditure for the implementation is declining in the coming years. For now, it’s China leading the solar energy market across the globe due to its gross output from the renewable sources.

Even though for now India’s solar power capacity is only 9 GW it still plans to increase its solar power capacity per capita in the near future.

India believes doubling its solar power per capita is easier using the solar parks which are more efficient and economical compared to the rooftop solar panels.

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