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Smartphones To Get Smarter By 2020, Will Have Face Recognition Feature

Facial recognition will be the new smartphone unlocking feature of the future and by 2020, the number of smartphones equipped with this facility will touch almost 1 billion. The technology will be spearheaded by Samsung and Apple and other manufacturers will soon follow.

Smartphones To Get Smarter By 2020, Will Have Face Recognition Feature

A market research agency, Counterpoint Research stated that this could very well lead to the obsolescence of the fingerprint sensor mechanism in the smartphones with facial recognition becoming the standard unlocking mechanism. The availability of this new feature in the lesser price bands will be greatly facilitated as 2D technology with regard to facial recognition is a built-in feature of the Android platform. But again, it will be 3D technology that will form the basis of the facial recognition feature in almost 60% of the smartphones in the year 2020. Several 3D sensors will provide necessary data to support emergent technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence and broaden their scope of use.

According to the research firm, consumers gave more importance to convenience than security when it came to choosing the biometrics. People find it inconvenient to offer face ID as an unlock mechanism when engaged in activity where speed is of paramount importance; for example while moving fast on a busy street. A fingerprint sensor helps unlocking the smartphone whilst it is being taken out from bags or pockets of users. A waiting period of a few seconds will be tolerated for facial ID in sensitive cases like mobile payments.

The research firm further added that fingerprint sensor still has many days to go in spite of concentrated efforts made by several companies in devising a mode of contactless verification. Component Tracker of the research firm indicated that the year 2018 will see the shipment of about one billion plus smartphones with fingerprint sensors.

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