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Smartmirror: Can it be the Next Hot Gadget?

The world has already witnessed a huge range of smart products such as smartwatches, smartphones, smart ovens, smart lights, and smart TVs. Now, the Smartmirror will be the next addition to this list. Presented at the CES 2017, the manufacturer of this Smartmirror, Miliboo Corporation is expecting the gadget to be the next future gadget of the era.

Crowdfunding sites Indiegogo and Kickstarter are plagued with unsuccessful efforts to take Smartmirror a majority, but where others have staggered, Miliboo considers that it will thrive.

The EKKO, its first Smartmirror, has already scraped a CES Innovation Award in advance of its official roll out. What’s more, contrasting other firms that have tried to obtain the theory from the first design phases to the modest bathroom or hallway wall, Miliboo is a foremost and first furniture firm summing smarts to a spotless design, rather than a tech giant trying to imitate a mirror-manufacturer.

Smartmirror replicates users’ characters and enables them to modify their understanding depending on their requirements. The mirror is estimated to have a price tag of $399.99. The shipping will initiate in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

Well, with the invention of Smartmirror, the world is witnessing a phase that is in middle of a change that will never revert. But, is this type invention a necessity? Why waste time in such invention when it can be utilized somewhere else? Think about it? Feel free to share your thoughts. Your views and comments will be appreciated and responded as well.

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