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Smart projector for the nascent artists: FollowGrams

As kids, drawing used to be one of the most loved things. But surely it takes a while to draw something that is clearly identifiable. Back then, tracing paper was one of the traditional methods of copying images as they learned, but now, the technology has completely changed the way kids can learn new things.

One such new method is the FollowGrams projector, which is a kid-centered smart projector. This projector will help kids to learn how to draw by foretelling step-by-step commands for them onto their drawing paper to draw.

The projector is specifically designed for the emerging artists aged 5-year old and above. It’s well-built plastic appearance proposes it should be powerful and also needs less space when not in use as it can be split into 2 sections.

There are 2 ways of using this projector. First, in combination with an iOS or Android app that enables the users to send images through Bluetooth to be projected and then traced. After choosing an image on the smart device, a filter is selected to change it into a line-based perceptible image and then launch onto the projector. It then gleams onto the paper sheet, permitting your little artist to copy it with the use of their general real-world artistic equipment.

Second, however, is more attractive and gives step-by-step commands demonstrating how to sketch a range of diverse images. Here, the user has to follow the lines as they are serially represented onto the paper, till a complete image has been produced.

When are you going to get this projector for your little artist?

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