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Samsung Verifies Galaxy S9 During Announcement Of Q4 2017 Results

We are only couple of weeks away from the roll out of upcoming flagship smartphones of Samsung. The technology major of South Korea has verified its presence and the latest leaks have left nothing to picture. It also has conveyed media invites to “9” in it, sturdily hinting the name of the smartphone to be “Galaxy S9”. On the other hand, so far the company has not formally verified the name of the forthcoming flagship handset. But, it has lastly done so with results of its Q4 of last year.

Samsung Verifies Galaxy S9 During Announcement Of Q4 2017 Results

In the company’s blog post, while claiming what to hope for in Q1 of this year, the firm claimed, “In the quarter one, the firm hopes the mobile commerce to enhance its profits, led by an elevation in sales of flagship goods with the roll out of Galaxy S9.” Nothing else, apart from than the name, was cited related to the handset.

Samsung also re-verified the roll out time of the handset. “In the quarter one, in the middle of predictions for weak requirement for tablets and smartphones owing to low seasonality, the firm hopes to elevate its handset experts supported by the freshly rolled out Galaxy A8+ and Galaxy A8 and forthcoming roll out of the Galaxy flagship, which will introduce in next month.”

The handset behemoth claimed that while the total smartphone shipments of the company lowered in comparison to Q3 of last year, the sales of flagship devices, such as the Galaxy Note 8 increased.

As for this year, the firm claimed that it plans further to extend the trades of its premium handsets and keep enhancing functions such as Bixby and camera. It also has aims for mid and low end handset. “Apart from this, Samsung aims to carry on advancing its mid as well as low end series and improving productivity so as to attain qualitative development of the handset business.”

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