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Samsung Plans To Wrap Music Fans In Their Own Bubble Of Sound

Creative Lab of Samsung is approaching next week to Las Vegas to display off a solution of wireless speaker developed to provide the benefits of private listening for earphones without the long-haul uneasiness of having small speakers hooked up your ears. The S-Ray speakers run by directing sound straightly to music fans in a manner that will not upset others surrounding them.

Samsung Plans To Wrap Music Fans In Their Own Bubble Of Sound


The S-Ray speaker is portrayed as a transportable directional speaker that will be displayed by the South Korean tech major at CES in 3 wireless types, which includes a neckband shaped as horseshoe that forces audio to the ears of the user, a smartphone cover, and a moveable unit named as the Handy.

As well as preventing uneasiness encountered in consequence of expanded earphone employment, the design indicates that consumers need not be a trouble to others users surrounding them, since the audio is placed within a type of private sound zone. This must also permit more than one directional device to be coming out at the same time and in the same room without competing each other.

The tech is expected to be analogous to parametric speakers of Soundlazer that can be a bit unsatisfactory in the department of low end. This is in spite of the fact that the company is not giving away any technological data ahead of the reveal for the CES project. On the other hand, it is yet pledging moveable convenience while sustaining the benefits of traditional directional speakers and/or earphones.”

The S-Ray instances are ideas only at the instant, with the South Korean behemoth no doubt giving close concentration to the reply from press and public next week in Las Vegas to tell about the future plans for production. You can see different application scenarios in the video on the official website.

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