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Samsung and Apple Top the Indian Market

According to the report provided by Mobile Industry Consumer Insight (MICI), Samsung has topped the Indian smartphone market and has emerged as the most successful brand in the initial decade of smartphones. Let us have a brief look at the statistics.

Samsung and Apple Top the Indian Market

Samsung topped the list with 97% of votes. It was then followed by Apple and HTC with 85% and 78% of votes, respectively. Other companies such as Sony, Lenovo, and BlackBerry also gave a tough competition. Looking more into the numericals, Samsung was rated 72% for its dependability and reliability, and 71% for industry leadership according to the report. Samsung has shown high numbers in the above two categories since the beginning. The Galaxy S series contributed much more to achieve this number. But, these numbers could be higher if the Galaxy Note 7 unpleasant incident wouldn’t had happen.

On the other hand, Apple was rated 78% for being highly innovative, 76% for good looks and design, and 72% for high dependability factor. The iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, and 7 had a great contribution in these numbers as well.

In addition to this, HTC also gave a tough competition. HTC was rated 76% for its innovativeness, 76% for its looks and design, and 72% for its up-to-date technology. The new decision of HTC to quite the production of its budget smartphone may hamper these values in the future.

Well, we hope to see new names in the list in the next round. Till then, we wish all the good luck to everyone.

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