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Reliance Jio To Host India Digital Open Summit

Reliance Jio, the newbie telecom provider, this month will host India Digital Open Summit 2018 with aim on chances and making digital ecosystem. “The event of this month marks the opening of India Digital Open Summit, a gathering of the top academia, technologists, industry leaders, and startups aimed on how open source platforms and networking systems might foster as well as transform leadership and innovation all over the complete digital ecosystem,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview this week while talking about the event.

Reliance Jio To Host India Digital Open Summit

The firm is organizing the meeting with the support of Cisco Systems and in association with Linux Foundation. “Open source is being clinched by top organizations all over the world, not only owing to its cost benefits, but to influence the development benefits offers from open source communities,” the statement further added while describing the event. The management has open source rule, which obligates all communal department to give fondness to tech designed on open source and only in case of non-accessibility of the item, any proprietary tech must be employed.

“Open source powers enterprising organizations, since unlike proprietary networks, it allows greater differentiation and innovation, assisting firms manage as well as customize platforms with additional flexibility, with the capability to quickly develop and convey new services to the industry with security as well as scalability,” the statement further added while talking about the event that will be conducted this month.

The summit will sport deliberations on different components of the open source structure for technology, policy, as well as security that paces the growth of the Digital India proposals all over various domains. More than 400 employees and members are anticipated at the India Digital Open Summit 2018 at the single-day conference to be conducted in Navi Mumbai at the Reliance Corporate Park campus.

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