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Redesigned platform and wallet feature released with new Hike update

Hike Messenger is getting completely revamped with the launch of Hike 5.0. Along with it, the company is also introducing the Hike Wallet feature with UPI-based payments. At present, only 5% of the users are availed with the new update; however, it will be soon rolled out to all iOS and Android users soon. Remarkably, the Android users will receive the new Hike Wallet feature with the v5.0 update; conversely, the iOS app will make its way only by July end.

So, what all features are released with the new Hike 5.0 update? Primarily, the Messenger is said to receive brand new fonts and colors. The user can set moods as profile photos along with the re-entry of the old Timeline feature. Apart from the disappearing Stories, one can also post photos, videos, and text on their timeline, which will stay forever. Now you can even expand the likes to see the contacts who have liked it.

Redesigned platform and wallet feature released with new Hike update

In addition, the update also brings in other features including Auto Night Mode, App Themes (such as Night, Zen, Blue), the Magic Selfie, Chat Themes, and Text to Stickers. According to the company, a single user can do multiple likes in a single post.

Turning to its new wallet and payments features, the users of Hike Wallet can do an instant transfer from bank to bank, with the use of UPI. This functions for those receivers who are not on Hike. For individuals devoid of a bank account, the transfer of money can be done within the wallet itself. Hike has collaborated, as a banking partner, with YES Bank.

Blue Packets is the way to start money transfer. Describing this, the company said, “Users can select from an array of 10 distinct attractively crafted wrappings and also a personalized message can be added to it to celebrate those distinctive occasions. The user can send a Blue Packet to a group of friends or an individual. When given to a group of your friends, the user can have a little enjoyment and choose the number of individuals in a group who should receive it. It expires within 24 hours and function on the basis of first come first serve.”

Other than the money transfer, the new update will also be supporting the postpaid bill payments and prepaid recharges. Other new features and changes being peddled by the company consist of a 128-bit SSL encryption and improvements in performance coupled with an app size reduction to around 25MB from over 40MB.


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