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Protect your Android from hackers

In the era of smartphones, where they rule the world, it is necessary to protect them from online hackers and spammers. The increased cases of online theft, identity theft, malware attacks, virus attacks, and so on have made this matter of great concern. Well, you can try these tips to avoid your Android smartphone from being hacked.

Use a PIN/password on lock screen

Well, this is the easiest and the common way to protect your smartphone. Adding this simple security layer at the beginning of your smartphone can help a lot. For those who have trouble remembering the pin can opt for a pattern lock as well.

Download from trusted source

Apps should always be downloaded from trusted sources only. Well, it is not compulsory, but highly recommended. We recommend you to download the apps from Google Play Store. Apps on the Play Store are secure and do not have any virus included in them that runs in the background.

Read the permissions

When you install the apps, they ask for various permissions. Carefully read them before granting the permissions. Sometimes, in hurry, we end up giving unwanted permissions that can lead to worse situations of compromisation.

Download the Android Device Manager

If you ever by chance happen to lose you smartphone, the Android Device Manager helps you to find it. Perhaps, this is the main app that you will thank us for the recommendation.

Well, now that you know the above tricks for securing your smartphone, keep them in mind to avoid the worse.

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