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Priyank Kharge’s voice on the IT job losses


Information Technology (IT) is a sector that has a number of issues creeping up due to the increasing number of job losses and operational issues. The changes in the sector ought to take place owing to the changing rules and regulations.

Currently, the atrociousness of the IT job losses cannot be measured as the analysis still has to be completed. It is nothing like what media represents. Kharge has agreed to talk about it after the BJP member Capt. Ganesh Karnik questioned about the increasing number of IT job losses.

According to Kharge, if the IT job creation since 3 Years is taken into consideration, then in Karnataka, there was a dip in 2014–2015 from 61500 to 49500 jobs in 2015–2016. The number raised by 3000, that is, to 52500 in 2016–2017, which is not a bad number at all.

Priyank Kharge’s voice on the IT job losses

For increasing the job opportunities, the Karnataka Government has planned about improving the technological skills of graduating students by educating them more on automation and robotics. In order to make it happen, the Karnataka IT Minister thought about discussing it with the NASSCOM members.

And the best outcome for overcoming the IT industry job losses was to enhance the technological skills of the graduating students by conducting workshops or educating them in the normal curriculum. The government has now started a “Yuva Yuga” scheme to train about 1.10 Lakh students in the industrial sector.

There is also a training center called KEONICS run by the state so as to improve the youth’s skills and train a maximum of about 25100 youths by the last year. A Centres of Excellence aerospace, robotics, artificial intelligence, data science, and cyber security for the interested students have also been started by the state government. In addition to all this, KESDM, Startup, and I-4 policies have been included by the government so as to create more jobs in the IT sector and also encourage youths interested in opening startups.

For helping the youngsters, the state government has already planned of keeping around Rs 340 Crore aside in the current budget and use it for improving the education system. This year, Karnataka plans to escalate its job creation opportunities as well as enhance the student’s skills so as to adapt to the sector. Karnataka plans to tune about 10 Lakh or more people for employment this year.

Karnataka plans to master its students so as to avoid any job losses in the future.

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