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Oculus Rift takes Over Vive Post Summer Sale

The Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset of Facebook, took pleasure of a rush in ownership in August amid computer gamers, after a mid-year cost slash took place in July.

The Oculus Rift elevated its share in the market amid VR headset owners utilizing Steam, the PC gaming service, as per the Steam Hardware and Software Survey for August 2017. The periodical study displayed that the Oculus Rift contributed for 43.8% of VR headsets related with the users’ computers. That figure symbolizes an augment of 8.1% in July, when ownership of Rift might have been posted at 35.7%.This is an upward tendency that has the Rift concluding in on the higher-specification HTC Vive, which was designed in association with Valve itself.

Oculus Rift takes Over Vive Post Summer Sale

Both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift were rolled out in 2016, and both have got price cuts in 2017. For the time of a promotional sale in August and July, the Rift was having a price tag of $399 prior to returning to $499 in September. The Vive, whose elevated cost price is counterbalanced by profits in room-scale movement tracking, was lowered in cost to $599 from $799 towards the end of last month.

As RoadToVR notes, increasing awareness of Steam compatibility amid Rift consumers and the roll out of competing Viveport service of HTC might have attributed to the transform in percentage share, but the main booster is thought to have been that cost slash of Rift. Oculus VR was obtained for $2.3 Billion by Facebook in 2014, and associated with Samsung over screen tech for the social media giant and a Gear VR visor for gadgets in the Galaxy range of the South Korean giant.

Sony rolled out a PlayStation VR for a price of $399 late in 2016 for PlayStation 4 consoles, with Daydream of Google rolling out in the same month besides the Pixel XL and Pixel handsets of the company. A selection of tech associates along with Microsoft are preparing the Windows VR line for October 2017, with entry-level costs kept at $399 and upgrading upwards as a result.

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