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Nokia Wins Payment Argument Against BlackBerry

A negotiation court instructed handset major BlackBerry Ltd. to give $137 Million to Nokia to resolve a payment argument. The Canadian firm claimed that it might follow a different case for patent infringement against the Finnish company. The International Court of Arbitration concluded previously last week that BlackBerry had been unsuccessful to make particular payments to Nokia below a patent license deal, BlackBerry claimed last week to the media.

Nokia Wins Payment Argument Against BlackBerry

The verdict, in an earlier undisclosed dispute over a handset tech licensing agreement inked in 2012, underlines the fiscal risks technology firms encounter from quarrels over intellectual property. These intellectual properties are sometimes settled via confidential arbitration procedures not known to investors. BlackBerry from chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. won a payout of $940 Million previously this year in an analogous case of uncertain payments.

BlackBerry has earlier claimed that it is seeking to make more income from its collection of some 40,000 patents by permitting them to other tech firms, and in November claimed that the US-located Marconi Group might assist it permit out a broad series of its patents. It is frequently hard for investors to capitalize patent portfolio of a company given the solid nature of licensing disputes and deals.

“Patent problems are going to emerge as one-offs and from time to time,” claimed an analyst at a research firm, Todd Coupland, to the media in an interview. “Coming in the day light, unless there is some information, is going to be difficult.” Shares of BlackBerry fell in midday Toronto trading by 1.9%, Nokia shut at 2% less in Helsinki. BlackBerry revealed earlier in February that it had filed individual complaints for patent infringement in opposition to Nokia, blaming that various base stations of network equipment maker and related software violated 11 of its patents.

Nokia claimed last week in a statement that it thinks that those breach claims are baseless.

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