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Nokia S40, BlackBerry Platforms may get a service extension for WhatsApp

It is obvious that social messaging apps are becoming the central choice for connecting with people. WhatsApp has been one of the most important messaging apps among all sorts of mobile users regardless of the operating system their handsets operate on. In the previous year, in February, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp had declared that it would be ending its support for the Nokia S40 and BlackBerry OS platforms. However, the date of end-of-life was extended for these platforms up to June this year.

Nokia S40, BlackBerry Platforms may get a service extension for WhatsApp

Yet again, it seems that the company is in view to extend the support for these 2 platforms. According to sources, the expected service extension for Nokia S40 and BlackBerry platforms will be December 2018 and December 2017, respectively. According to the WhatsAppen’s report, for BlackBerry OS7+ and BlackBerry 10, the WhatsApp has received an update that denotes the extension for service for the platforms till December 31, 2017. This basically notifies that the users of WhatsApp with these platforms will be still eligible to continue receiving and sending messages till this year end.

Apart from this, the Nokia S40 platform has allegedly got an allowance for WhatsApp support until December 31, 2018. As spotted by WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp watcher, the date of end-of-life has been shifted to December 31, 2018 from December 31, 2017. At present, the number of customers using the Nokia S40 platform is also limited, but still it will bring a relief to users who still hold the dated handsets. Nonetheless, the users of Nokia Symbian S60 do not have much time with them as WhatsApp, by June 30, 2017, will remove its support for this platform.

If all this is going to be true, the users of BlackBerry OS7+, Nokia S40, and BlackBerry 10 still have sufficient period on their platforms to access WhatsApp. However, as the support for the Nokia Symbian S60 devices will be ceased, in case the user wants a backup of their chats, all they need to do is send a request so as to get an email from the firm.

At present, there are more than 1.2 Billion people who are using the WhatsApp platform, with a user base of over 200 Million only in India. The messaging app has launched an array of new features including support for GIF, video calling, the capability to share 30 videos or photos in a go and also capacity to line messages on iOS.

For now, all that the users can do is wait for the official statement by the company.

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