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New tools unveiled by Slack for developers to develop apps for its platform

With an intention to make it simpler for the developers to design apps for the workplace collaboration software of the company, Slack Technologies Inc. has come up with new tools.The developer seminar was a segment of a major drive by Slack to tempt software developers to create special purpose apps that plug into its system.

The Director of developer relations of Slack, Amir Shevat—who also served earlier a similar role for an Android operating system of Google—said,”We are amplifying on developers. Slack, which is an 8-year old now, is a platform firm. We perceive a direct relationship between the achievement of our developers and our success.” The company claims a daily user base of almost 5 Million and has acquired in funding more than $500 Million, but is now witnessing extreme competition from far biggercompetitors, including Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

New tools unveiled by Slack for developers to develop apps for its platform

The popularity of the company was developed owing to its intra-office messaging abilities; however, analysts consider that the company requires to be much more than that it is now to enter the enterprise software industry that is ruled by a few of giants. One main approach is founding itself as a conversational interface for an array of enterprise software. For instance, an app known as Troops can be used by the Salesforce customers to enter their sales records into the Salesforce customer relationship management software by talkingon Slackwith a chatbot.

Holding its larger competitors at bay would need Slack to carry on expanding and diversifying its offerings, said the Executive Vice-president at 50 Park Investments—which is an investment advisory service—Salvatore Recco. The founder of a tech consultancy firm—Hyperstop—Johnny Won, said, the developer platform of Slack is critical to achieving that stating, “With such a large number of messaging tools, the interface will be the real differentiation force.”

According to Slack,now there are above 155,000 apps that areutilized every week on its service. Nonetheless, the majority of those apps are developed by firms for their in-house use. Merely, the number of apps added to App Directory of Slack total to 1000. With the App Directory, the users can access and download publicly accessible Slack apps.

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