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New Extended Wear Medical Tape from 3M Rolled Out

3M is a company that produces each and everything from structural adhesives that grasp airplanes together to Post-it® Notes. It also has a lion’s share in making enhanced medical glues that can hold for almost 2 Weeks.

When taking into consideration the adhesive science and the confronts of a substrate such as skin, design engineers are aware that “sticking to skin” is harder as compared to what you believe. With the inclusion of 3M™ 4076 Extended Wear Medical Tape to its wide-ranging collection, Medical Technologies and Materials business of 3M has provided medical device engineers and manufacturers a acrylic-based and long-term wear adhesive solution developed to elevate patient comfort. It is also aimed to provide a reliable and strong bond in demanding applications.

New Extended Wear Medical Tape from 3M Rolled Out

The conformable and non-sensitizing adhesive was designed for long-term wear, offering a bond that is comfortable yet strong so that patients may not even understand that they are using a gadget. This permits manufacturers and engineers to aim exclusively on application and design of their device, encouraging innovation while making sure their budget and timeline needs are met.

“Sticking to skin offers a huge challenge to the industry of medical device,” claimed director of agile commercialization and Ph.D. at Chronic Care Solutions Division of 3M Critical, Diana Eitzman, to the media in an interview. “By providing our users with the newest adhesive tech, we are giving them the liberty to solve their hardest challenges associated with design that positively affect lives of patients all over the world.”

Compliant with ISO:10993-10 and ISO:10993 (regulations of medical industry assessing potential of a product to produce skin sensitization and irritation) 4076 Extended Wear Medical Tape is permitted for usage on intact skin. The tape is fraction of the extensive product line of adhesives that 3M provides the medical device design, manufacturing, and supply industries. Through the diversity of technologies from the company, along with its 55 Years of knowledge in the business of medical adhesive and team of experts, 3M offers professionals of medical device with the tools they required to satisfy their requirements of project. It also offers the tools that are needed to assertively navigate their way to market.

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